Friday 13 September 2019

How time flies!

So my last post was almost exactly 4 years ago.

4 years!


In some ways it feels like that was a lifetime ago, in other ways it seems like it passed in the blink of an eye. Looking over those last few posts I couldn’t help but laugh. Topics such as trying out a digital perm, various alternatives to Starbucks and my 30 before 30 endeavors seem like such surreal interests and concerns in comparison to my life today. Since June 2015 (my last posting date) I have had two wonderful kids – Liam, who was born February 2016 and Katie in August 2018 – so life is quite different these days then it was back then.

Katie and Liam - July 2019

Motherhood is so many things – things I expected and many that I didn’t. My days are filled with toys, baby food, messes, tantrums, countless loads of laundry, endless dishes, a myriad of baby/toddler shows (some that I have become far too knowledgeable/invested in!), play dates, mom groups, smiles, laughs and of course tears – along with so many other little things. The friends that I see/talk to regularly are women who I didn’t even know 4 years ago. The beautiful purses I loved buying from Kate Spade and Michael Kors have been replaced by a basic backpack style diaper bag (when I remember it) or an old ratty grocery bag with diapers, wipes and my wallet shoved inside. I have been to the Zoo more times in one month then I had previously ever been in my entire life, and I always hated the Zoo! I have a membership to Reptilia, a Reptile World type place, when I was the girl who used to freak out when my brother would bring his Lizard anywhere near me. 

Basically in many ways my life has been taken over by two little humans. And despite the downs that go along with the ups, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Obviously in the last few years my free time has gone by the wayside – apparently that’s what parenthood tends to do to you! When I was last into writing/blogging, I was trying to accomplish a list of 30 Things to do Before 30. Well, pregnancy and motherhood occurring during the last year of my 20’s and into the start of my 30’s definitely messed up those intentions! Plus, my blog was an outlet for my interests – primarily traveling – and other things that are easier to do/ muse upon when your life is your own. But, in the last few weeks and months I have really been wanting an outlet – wanting a place to write and express myself. I don’t know if anyone reads this – or if anyone ever did! – but this is my little corner of the world and I may as well use it. Even if its just for myself – I have very few places and things that are my own these days. Heck, its hard to even find a moment to use the washroom in peace without a toddler knocking on the door or a baby screaming!

I don’t know what direction this blog will take.  I don’t intend for it to be completely parenting specific, and obviously travel doesn’t happen as much as it once did. I guess Lifestyle would be the best label, but even then that feels like a stretch as that makes me think of people like Meghan Markle and Jillian Harris, and obviously my life isn’t anywhere as fabulous, stylish, put together or organized as them. I guess my blog will be more akin to the shuffle feature on my iTunes – some parenting, some travel, some recipes etc. I just hope I manage to update before another 4 years pass!

So here I go embarking on a new journey!