Thursday 2 April 2015

Digital Perm

Back in January I read an article in Fashion about this new perming concept – a digital perm. Growing up my mom always had perms and I loved how pretty her spiral ringlets looked. As I got older, perms were out of style and while I have some curl in my hair, the super tight curls didn’t suit me. When I read this article I was intrigued because it mentioned the new trend in perming which included more beachy waves. Anyone how knows me, knows this is a style I wear often as its easier to put some curl product in my hair and scrunch it up then spending an hour blow drying and straightening it. The digital perming technology was created in Korea for Asian hair which is traditionally straight. Looking up photos it was amazing to see how great the curls developed on different types of hair – including types typically didn’t curl. Plus the curl started just under the ears so you didn’t get the super tight curls that started at the top of your head. I was a little nervous to try it but when I mentioned it to Amanda she was also intrigued.

We booked appointments with the women who was featured in the article – Hannah from H20 Goa. She went over the price (almost $300.00) and the rules (it couldn’t be done on hair that had bleach in it). Amanda and I drove downtown to the Koreatown part of Toronto, equally parts excited and nervous. When we arrived Amanda realized she wasn’t able to do it because she had recently highlighted her hair but Hannah suggested trying a straightening treatment which was similar to the perm technology just having the opposite effect. Since we were there and I was going to be about 3 hours she decided to do it.

Hannah trimmed up my hair a little bit and took me back to another area of the salon where she applied this product to my hair and then rolled it into these large rollers. Then she hooked the rollers up to these crazy chords and turned on the machine. After sitting there hooked up to this crazy contraption for about 30-40 minutes the product was washed out of my hair, it was dried and then something else was applied. At this point Hannah suggested a treatment which would help and I agreed so that was added and my hair was wrapped in a plastic bag and I was set under the dryer.  

As soon as everything was washed out I noticed the curls immediately. Hannah styled my hair and showed me the best way to achieve well defined waves. I was very happy with the end result but worried about how it would look when I washed it and styled it myself. I didn’t need to worry as it was easy to manage and replicate. I am very happy that I tried this and would consider doing it again. Because my hair is naturally wavy, I found that this treatment helped give me some defined curls which are easier to manage. I definitely recommend trying this but encourage you to go to Hannah as she was amazing. She explained everything she was doing, made both Amanda and I feel welcome and comfortable and has a wonderful salon.