Tuesday 3 March 2015

30 Things before 30: Cocktail Making Class – Amanda’s Birthday

For Amanda’s 30th birthday her sister-in-law and I planned both a night out with friends and a surprise party. It was a busy weekend but totally worth it! For the night out the first stop was to a Mixed-Up Relay at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto after getting picked up by this awesome pink party bus which was covered in fur inside and a pole in the middle! The event was two hours and consisted of us breaking off into three teams. Our host showed us how to make 4 different classic cocktails (a cosmopolitan, margarita, long island iced tea and one other I can’t recall). Then as a team we had to make them – being judged on speed, taste and quality. It was a lot of fun and an excellent way to start off our night. While it wasn’t a very in depth cocktail making class I would definitely look into doing another because I found it interesting and fun.

It also helped me cross something else off my 30 by 30 list - cocktail making! 

We spent the rest of the night at two Toronto bars which were a lot of fun. Then on Sunday we managed to completely surprise Amanda with the party which included her friends, family and some co-workers. It was an excellent weekend and made me realize yet again how much I enjoy event planning. While it doesn’t seem like a career in it is going to pan out, I am starting to consider doing something on the side from home. Maybe event consulting or small-scale event planning. I’ll have to do some more research and see what options are available!

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