Thursday 27 November 2014


I was a month behind in blogging so my post on thankfulness and thanksgiving was a bit delayed. Luckily the North American calendar provides TWO Thanksgiving holidays – so I just pushed it back to American Thanksgiving – despite my having celebrated the holiday in October. Actually this year I celebrated both – a big family holiday in October and then a small-scale one of just mom and I in Buffalo for American Thanksgiving where we had a nice dinner and then went shopping on Black Friday.

I just wanted to express a few things I am thankful for in honor of the season.
I am Thankful for his guy - my hubby! 
I am Thankful that I live where I live - I love Canada!
I am Thankful for my awesome friends 
I am Thankful for my Family! (Paige represents all of them!)
I am Thankful for all my Amazing Travel Opportunities 

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