Sunday 31 March 2013

iPad App Test

I downloaded the iPad Blogger app and figured I would play around with it. I had a few issues using the blogger site on the iPad - a few problems formatting the posts and photos. When I am traveling I want the quickest and easiest way to post!

So trip wise the first one is mid-April and is a 2 week tour of Ireland with my father. About 6 years ago my dad and I had plans for a two week trip of Scotland and Ireland. We finished out Scotland trip but before we were to fly to Ireland we found out his mother had passed away so we had to fly back. We always said we would do Ireland - and things lined up for us relatively last minute (we only booked a month ago) so we leave in a few weeks. It's a tour with Royal Irish Tours a local Canadian company. The second trip is to Greece at the end of June with my husband and his family - but more on that closer to June.

In terms of this app I think it will work out fine - I just will have to figure out a way to attach photos as the app only lets you put them at the end of the post (hence the random photo!)

But I still have some time!

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