Wednesday 24 July 2013

Greece: Day Sixteen: Chios City

Plans for our last full day in Chios/Greece were initially to spend it by the pool, but Alyssa, Charlie and I headed into Chios City for a bit. I had slept in deciding to skip breakfast for more sleep when Charlie called at 10:45 asking if I wanted to go. When we went in as a large group on Monday, I didn't stay long in part due to the chaos of being in such a large group for shopping. Alyssa and Charlie didn't really have a chance to look in many stores so they too wanted to go back. I quickly got dressed and met them in front of the resort to wait for a cab. 

We spent a few hours wandering around town and it was great. I managed to buy a few souvenirs - mostly jewelry and this awesome Mastic soap. There were some really cute shops, and a lot shoe stores with amazing displays. They would have been tempting If my suitcase wasn't already packed to the brim and my wallet the opposite! 

(Photos: Chios town) 

They had gyros for lunch, and I had souvlaki on a pita from the place we had ordered from the night before. Yet again the souvlaki was excellent, but they have a weird idea of what goes on it! It is supposed to be soulvaki, fries, tomato, lettuce, ketchup and mustard on a pita. I was boring and did mine without fries, ketchup and mustard but added tzaikki. It was amazing! 

We retuned to the resort and a group of us headed to the beach. However it was a bit windy and the water cold, so we didn't stay long. 

(Photos: The beach) 

We instead went back to the pool and lounged around there for a while. 

(Photos: The pool) 

(Photo: this was from a few days ago when Todd was being silly and I couldn't resist posting it)

Everyone sort of scattered as the night went on to rest and and pack, but Alyssa, Brian, Charlie, Mikhali, Alex, Robert and I opted to walk into Karfas and have dinner. The resturant had a beautiful view of the sea but the food was just okay. There were some yummy items and some not so much. 

(Photo: Mikhali and his sardines... Yuck!) 


(Robert and Charlie and Alex) 

(Group photos  - minus me) 

(The man who rented beach chairs - the kids nick-named him "the caveman")

(The boys)


(Karfas town) 

Afterward when we returned to the beach, the boys wanted to go in the pool but were hesitant because it was a bit windy/cool. Brian managed to get them in by throwing some Euro coins in and creating a contest. They went crazy and it turned in to an hour long game with Alex winning. After that we all split up, and Brian and I had our last desert in Greece overlooking the water. 

(Pool area)

(Photos: Evening/Sunset photos) 

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