Tuesday 2 July 2013

Greece: Day Fourteen - Chios Town

As I mentioned before we are on the island of Chios. Within the island is the city of Chios which is the largest city on the island. This morning most of us went into town to see the city and see where Nicks mother was from. There was a bit of confusion over this outing. Initially it was going to be just the women to visit a jewellery shop that Katina knew of. Then it was going to be that, but also a visit to a fort Nicks grandmother and mother lived. Then it was a whole group shopping trip. 

Based on the size of the island and what we have seen thus far in terms of villages, I was expecting a small city. I was shocked when we pulled in and it was packed. There were people, streets, shops and cars everywhere. It looked like a busy area of Toronto. We had trouble finding parking spot at first (seeing as we had all 4 cars with us) but we eventually found a lot near the fort. 

The fort looks like any other - very large built in stone. As we walked around it, I was further back from Nick walking with Brian so I didn't hear the history. When we went inside I was a little wary, figuring it was just another stone fort interior - much like what I saw in Ireland or Scotland. As we walked through the first part it was exactly that, and then we came into the main area which was surprising. 

(Photo: The outside of the Fort) 

(Photo: Pretty flowers) 

(Photo: Brian)

(Photo: Todd and Ally) 

(Photo: Brian) 

(Photo: Leah and Ally) 

Within this fort is a actual, operational village. There are homes, stores and restaurants all within its walls. Whatever I was expecting, it wasn't that. 

Apparently it was a fort thousands of years ago. But much more recently it became housing. Nicks grandmother used to live in the part of Turkey that is right across from Chios (close enough that as I write I can see it). At that point it was not Turkey, it was Greece. However it soon was taken over and became Turkey and all the Greeks were kicked out. This fort is where many of them were moved to. So Nicks grandmother was given a small home in this area and this is also where Nicks mother Katina lived. Life wasn't easy for them and it was sad to hear the stories of the time. But it was fascinating to walk through and see how people lived, and the way in which is still is used with various houses. Apparently it's been developed even more since Nick and Jenn were here last. 

Photo: Inside the fort 

(Photo: A cemetery inside) 

(Photo: Brian)

(Photo: Todd and Alyssa) 

(Photo: Group Shot) 

(Photo: Sydney and Ally) 

We wandered through the fort for a while and then went into the town square to meet up with Mik and Katina who were going to take us around town for shopping. Now normally I love shopping a lot, but it was very hot and super crowded and I wasn't in the mood. Bob was heading back as he, Irene, Leah, Todd, Sydney and Ally were all leaving Chios that afternoon. They wanted to spend a few extra days in Athens and see more of the sights, so he wanted to get back to pack. Robert who isn't much of a shopper was going with him, so at the last minute I tagged along. I got back to the resort and laid down for a bit as I haven't been sleeping the greatest. 

(Photo: Chios town square)

About an hour later Brian returned having come back with Leah, Todd, Sydney and Ally. Brian and I decided to wander into Karfas (where we are staying) and had a nice lunch right next to the beach. What a beautiful view to see while you dine, definitely not something you get to do often when you live in Toronto. 

(Photos: The beach near our hotel)

As we walked back we passed this boarded up hotel right on the beach. What an awesome piece of property that needs a lot of work. I imagine the right person could make a huge success with that place.

(Photo: the boarded up hotel)

We popped into the local market so I could get some postcards (now I just need to find stamps!). I bought a few bars of this awesome Greek chocolate Jenn introduced me too. I also saw more of their weird chip flavours. Paprika and Oregano are the two most popular chip flavours here - both of which are gross in my opinion. Others in the group seem to love the Oregano ones. We have also see hot dog flavoured chips on this trip which led Chris to tell me Canada no longer had the weirdest chip flavour with Ketchup. And we did also see Ketchup being sold here as well. 

When we got back to the resort I worked on my blog for a bit - I had fallen behind. Then I joined a bunch of people down at the pool. In Canada today was Canada Day, so I refused to let the boys make fun of Canada or sing Blame Canada which for whatever reason seems to be their go-to song this trip. But it was okay, since the night before I introduced them to Team America World Police and they were busy singing those songs much to the joy of their parents as you can imagine. 

Rather then order food, we all made platters of stuff we had in our fridges and just munched on that. Some of Nicks family came later in the evening, and a bunch if us non-Greek speakers started playing around on YouTube. I finally watched "Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat" a video that Charlie and Mikhali had been trying to get me to watch for days (They had gone as far to write it on my arm back on the cruise). It was very addicting and now I can't stop singing the song - Cat, I'm a kitty cat. meow meow meow mew..." 

(Photo: Robert)

Eva, Josie and Charlotte started putting on performances and getting us to watch. They were hilarious, especially the ones where they started fighting over the singing and dancing. It reminded me of me and  my cousin when we were little and the shows we did. They also often ended up with screaming matches so it much be a typical girl thing. 

I never ended up going in the pool as it was very windy and a bit chilly. Once it got dark I sat and put my feet in the water, with my dress over top my bathing suit. Being the wonderful husband he is, Brian couldn't resist the opportunity to come up and push me in. I naturally screamed and fell into the water. Then the most hilarious event of this trip occurred. Once I fell in, Charlie screamed "I'll save you Aunt Chantal" and drove in lifeguard style with his clothes on to "save me". It had all of us in hysterics - me to the point I choked on water and was struggling to get to the side because I was laughing so hard. 

Charlie and Mikhali have been spending a lot of time with me which seems to surprise people on this trip. I don't mind it, they are hilarious and it's been a great chance to get to know them better. Tomorrow is Mikhalis birthday so there will be some big group/family thing later in the day at the pool, which should be fun. 

Once I was out of the water, the group started to break up and head in for the night which was fine with me since I was now freezing! 

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