Wednesday 24 July 2013

Greece: Day Eighteen - Home!

Brian and I were up early due to jet lag, but that gave us time to repack/organize and have breakfast. Brian also wandered around the hotel and took some photos of the nearby marina. As much as I joked with him about his obsessive photo taking, he got some amazing photos of the trip... Not always awesome photos of me though. LOL

(Photos: the marina) 

We took the shuttle back to the airport and didn't have too much of a hard time with tickets and security since it was 8am. I did have to take a few things out of my rolling carry-on due to weight limits but once I was through security I put it all back in anyways! 

I used my Tugo again... I seriously love this thing. 

Brian was very excited to see his favorite coffee chain from CA in the airport and rushed over to get coffee both to drink at the airport and to make at home. He convinced me to give them a try and they were good... I loved my coconut mocha and they had the cutest little hummus/veggie snack packs. 

I had a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich which was amazing - it was my first time there. So yummy! We browsed around the airport - it has a lot of cute stores and places. The Philly airport totally beats the Athens one! 

Our flight was short - only an hour. (3 planes in 2 days was a little too much in my opinion) so I was glad when it landed. 

(Photo: Brian and I on the plane) 

We again breezed through customs - we had good luck on this trip! I was particularly grateful as I didn't keep any receipts. When we entered into the arrival area I didn't see any family so we headed outside to the pick-up area. I totally missed my mom in my excitement to be home and see my family! We eventually met up and had lots of hugs! I did the same with my dad and we headed home. 

Just as we pulled out my mom let out a scream as she got a NHL alert that her favourite player and team captain of Ottawa was leaving for Red Wings. Thus the ride home was spent with her and I on our phones reading all the news and updates rather then talking about our trip. (Brian and my dad thought we were nuts!) 

We got home and had some time to unpack/relax (now I unpacked right away... truth be told its been a few weeks and I think Brian is almost done!)  and then we had my grandparents over for a welcome home dinner. As much as I loved the food in Greece, it was nice to have some lasagna and garlic bread! We told everyone about the trip, and showed a few photos. By 9pm we were both exhausted and ready for bed. 

We had a wonderful time and it was awesome to spend time with the family as we don't see them as often as we would like. I really got to know my nieces and nephews better, and spent some great quality time with the various in-laws. They are all such amazing people, and I love them so much. I feel lucky to be part of Brian's family! :) 

(Photo: the group photo from Turkey) 

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