Thursday 15 May 2014

Las Vegas: Day Two

On Thursday morning, we got up and decided to use the pool. I woke up first and went across the hall to see the others. I wasn’t feeling the greatest, so I just had a few saltine crackers for breakfast. Afterward, Honey, Mom and I went down to the pool and got some chairs. Amanda and Amanda joined us a bit later, and Dad and Beau went to a nearby casino. Us 5 girls spent the morning/afternoon at the pool which was enjoyable. It was in the high 90’s, and after the winter we had, it was a welcome change. There were two pools near our building – a family pool and an adult one. We stayed at the family one as it was less crowded, and hardly any children were there. We started going back up to the rooms between 2-3, with some of us going straight up to get ready and others going up to sleep.

Our plan for the evening was a bit up in the air, but we knew we were going to end at Paris, as Beau and Honey recommended the Dueling Pianos. We drove and parked at Paris, and were going to wander through a few casinos along the strip but opted to stay there. We walked through the casino, and along the shops, and then into Ballys’s – another casino Paris connects to. We were approached about watching an upcoming TV show and getting paid $20.00 to do so. We all agreed and started filling out the paperwork, only to learn we weren’t eligible due to being Canadian. I have to admit, that’s the first and only time I have faced discrimination over my heritage!

There was a small café in Paris that we decided to go to for dinner. Their menu looked good and it was close to the lounge where Dueling Pianos was taking place. The wait was about 30 minutes, but there weren’t many other options aside from the exorbitant over-the-top restaurants within Paris. We didn’t mind the wait, but the hostess/staff were incredibly rude. If we weren’t all hungry and short on time, we would have left based on that. Fortunately, the food was delicious so we didn’t let the negative experience of the staff ruin our night.

We made it to Dueling Pianos early enough to get a great spot right up front. The lounge was gorgeous, very French and elegant. The drinks were the same – very fancy, with unique cocktails and martinis. Dueling Pianos was amazing! The two guys were awesome piano players and singers, and had hilarious personalities. Basically, they sit opposite of each other at separate pianos and play together. One guy has the lead in playing and singing, and then they swap. You are given request forms, and take them up to whatever guy you want to sing/play along with a tip – anywhere from $5.00+. The higher the tip the sooner your song will get played.

We went into this only planning on staying for a bit, but we closed the place down! Our table was referred to as “the Canadians” and we kept running up with requests. They way in which they handled these through their singing and playing was fantastic! The funniest moment was when Amanda. G requested Barbie Girl. The guy put on this hilarious falsetto and was totally into it – until another guest ran up with $20.00 to make it stop! It’s okay, later in the night we re-requested and had it sung again. Some of the other songs our group was responsible for were – “Red Solo Cup”, “Grease Lightening”, “American Pie”, “Happy”, “Mamma Mia”, “Last Kiss”, “All Summer Long”, “Anything for Love” and a bunch more I can’t remember. (We all went a little request crazy!). I tried to request, “Let it Go” from Frozen, but that was the one song they wouldn’t play due to the vocal range.

The security guard tried to give Honey a lap dance! 
Everyone had a blast, especially mom.  After a couple glasses of wine, she was super into it – especially after requesting YMCA. Every time they started to song, she would begin to do the dance in preparation. The best part was, that her Y kept almost hitting Amanda G. in the face! It ended up being the last song they sung, so we all got up and danced to it. It was an incredible way to end the night!

That was the night Montreal advanced in the playoffs, so on the way back us girls started a sing along of “O Canada” in the bathroom to show our Canadian pride. I guess some other Canadians overhead, because when we got out of the bathroom Beau was surrounded by a group from Alberta who were introducing themselves to us. This is something I absolutely love about my fellow countrymen – we are so darn friendly!

We met up with my dad – who had left to play blackjack, and piled back into the van. It was a pretty fun ride home, with all of us laughing and singing some of the songs we had heard. This was such an awesome Vegas experience and one I have already recommended to people!

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