Sunday 18 May 2014

Las Vegas: Day Five

Our last day was a lot more leisurely then usual, since we had a later flight time. We used up the rest of our food making breakfast/snacks, and checked out by 9:30am. We returned the car, and got checked in at the airport. The Air Canada line was crazy, as it always is in the US. All the American airlines have multiple desks and many agents, whereas there is always a limited number of AC staff. The airport was busy as it was a Sunday, so security took a while. But we had some time at the terminal to get lunch and last minute souvenirs.

Uncle Beau and Aunt Honey were on a different flight going home, and had a stop in Montreal. They boarded before us, so we said our goodbyes at the gate. Our flight was overbooked, so it was a bit delayed. They weren’t really announcing the boarding over the speaker, instead talking at the gate. I can’t say for sure why they were doing this, but its almost as if they wanted a few people to miss the flight so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the overbooking problem.

We boarded fairly quickly, and kept the same seating order as the first flight – Dad and Amanda. G on the two seats by the window, and Mom, Amanda. S and I in the middle row. Amanda and I hate flying, so we occupied ourselves by listening to music and at one point, taking photos of us with mom all bundled up!

The flight wasn’t bad, just a bit turbulent. I was annoyed, as they look off with one of the overhead bins open. Fortunately, the guy sitting there had long arms and was able to hold it shut. That can be super dangerous, as anything in it can be propelled throughout the cabin during take off. As I said in a previous post, AC Rouge is clearly the low budget airline.

The people beside us -- how do you even sleep like that?
We arrived back in Toronto after 7:00pm, and customs/baggage were fine. The only problem we encountered was when we were ready to go home. We had used a car company to get to the airport and home, but when we got to the booth they weren’t there. They had had our arrival time wrong, and through we corrected it when we left with the driver, it never made it into the office. So the car came for us at 6:00am, and then naturally left. We ended up jumping into a cab at the airport, but that delayed our arrival home a bit.

It was a wonderful trip, with awesome people, but it was nice to be home. I love Vegas, but its definitely a place that is best in small quantities. I do look forward to going back, and hope its with the same awesome group!

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