Wednesday 26 June 2013

Greece: Day Nine - Delphi

Today was another early morning as we had a three hour drive to get to Delphi. Breakfast at the hotel was excellent - they had really yummy crepe's with Nutella and these feta pastry things. No toast though which was odd. One of the group members got locked out of their room, so our departure was held up a bit, but we got on the road around 8:15. 

I don't know what is it about these big coaches - but I find myself getting really sleepy and falling asleep in it like I was doing when in Ireland. When I awoke an hour and a half later we were pulling into this cute little village Nafpaktos that was on the water for a short break. We got some photos and I had a chocolate Fredachinno which is this coffee/chocolate like iced drink which is perfect for the hot weather. I think the sleepiness is partly due to not feeling the greatest, as well as our guide Theadora who is super nice, but a tends to drone on and on about random boringness. A number of us keep drifting in and out. 

(Photos: Nafpaktos) 

(Photo: Ally & Sydney)

(Photo: Brian and I) 

(Photo: Jenn and Eva)

(Photo: Nate, Alyssa and Charlie) 
Our next stop was another few hours away, in this beach front village that I would love to spend time in. It's very quiet, not at all touristy, with these beautiful views of the water. We only stayed for 15 minutes but everyone was wishing we could just stay and spend time in the water. I believe the name was Galax-something or other. I will ask around and try and find out to clarify. While there a bunch of us got these drinks that seem to be a cross between lemonade and club soda... It was delicious! I must track down more of them. 

(Photos: The Town whose name I forget!)

Our drive today had some excellent scenery from the bus. These beautiful views of the sea, gorgeous flowers and the mountains in the background. I had an animated discussion with Mikhali, Charlie and Brian about super powers which was highly amusing to me, but annoying to those around us. The boys were coming up with their superpowers that they would have, and I was thinking logically and rationally about the pros and cons to their powers. It went on for a while, with them trying harder to outsmart me. It made some of the bus time fly by! Feel free to comment or email me with what your super power would be. It's a very interesting discussion topic! 

(Photo: Our bus inside) 

(Photo: Giving thirteen year olds an iPhone to play games keeps them occupied for hours!)

(Photo: Me on bus) 

We headed north up through mountains into Delphi, and arrived around 1:15pm. Apparently Greece has a few mountains in the north that get snow and act as skiing areas... That shocked me, I never would have guessed that. By this point I started to not feel so great again. A few of the boys have been sick, so it's likely I am coming down with a virus or having trouble adjusting to the crazy busy schedule as we have been on planes, ships and busses with a number of super early mornings and crazy late nights. 

Our first stop was the museum attached to Delphi which was excellent. There were all these amazing artifacts from the site along with photos of the excavation process. I started to feel really awful so I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked, but was able to take a bunch of photos. Odd fact, in Greece you can take non-flash photographs in most museums but absolutely NOT pose with the artifacts. Museum security was very tight and a little over zealous. They were not only yelling at those posing or touching which I get, but were yelling at people who appeared to maybe start posing or touching- a few times to people in our group who had no intention of doing either.

(Photos: Artifacts at the Delphi Museum) 

After the museum we went to a local restaurant in town for lunch which was very cute and had an amazing menu. All of the food looked delicious and there was an excellent view that overlooked the mountains. I however felt terrible that I was unable to enjoy any of it. Rather then go on to the actual Delphi site with the rest of the group, I opted to go straight to the hotel with Jenn and Eva as Eva was over tired and not feeling the greatest. 

(Photo: The streets of Delphi and the views)

(Photos: Delphi site - Brian took these) 

(Photo: Nick)

(Photo: Chris and Anna) 

(Photo: Todd) 

This hotel was okay, not anywhere near as great as some of the others but nice for the area. There was no pool which disappointed the kids, and you had to pay for WiFi which only worked in the lobby. The staff were kind of rude --- which seems to be 50/50 with service in Greece --- and the food was by far the most lacking. Still it was a comfortable room with a great view. 

Showers in Greece have been odd and this was by far the worst. As it is very European to bath not shower, the showerheads are mounted in the middle which is very awkward. It's pretty much a guarantee that you will flood the bathroom. This one was not only in the middle but low down closer to the bottom. Speaking of Greek bathrooms (because I know this is just such a fascinating topic for you all) the plumbing system sucks. As in places like Jamaica or Mexico the system isn't designed for toilet paper, so the expectation in some places is that you throw it in the garbage. My method of dealing with this is to avoid these places and/or ignore the signs. They also don't seem to use wash/face cloths. Luckily I noticed this in Ireland and remembered to bring one. 

Once I got back to the room, I laid down to try and feel better. I made it in for a light dinner and then returned to bed. It wasn't really an exciting day in Delphi for me; but I was able to feel a little better the next morning. 

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