Sunday 23 June 2013

Greece: Day Four - Athens to Mykonos

Sorry for the delay in posting - the ship didn't have WiFI so I was unable to post. 

This morning I made Brian get up at 5:30am so we could see the sunrise. The acropolis was visible from the roof of our hotel, so I thought it would make for a nice photo. It was great view, but the sunrise was on the opposite side so not as nice as I had hoped for! 

(PHOTO: Views from our hotel in Athens as sunrise)

(PHOTO: Our Athens Hotel) 

We met the group for breakfast and then departed the hotel heading to the port just outside Athens. 

(PHOTO: an Athens Theater) 

The next three nights are being spent on the ship Louis Olympic. It took about an hour to resister and do through security but we were on board by 9:30am. The ship is much different then the usual cruise ships I am familiar with. Because its aimed at just three or four night Greek Island cruises, a lot of the usual stuff seen on the large-ships is toned down. None of the rooms have balconies, and most are just single beds that can't convert to doubles. There is a buffet and restaurant, nothing else. A small casino, an arcade of 4 machines, and very few shops. They also drain the pool/close it while we are in port. But different isn't a bad thing in this case. The point of the cruise is to see all these islands and experience what they have to offer - not stay on board and eat/swim. We have more then enough time to do that when we get to Chios. Overall it was a great way to see some of the Greek islands! 

(PHOTO: The pool area)

(PHOTO: The Ship) 

I initially went up to the adult pool to swim/lay by the sun, but it was brutally hot and I was pretty tired. I headed down to the cabin with the intention of reading, but passed out for almost 5 hours.

When I awoke we had docked in Mykonos so I got dressed in a summer dress.  This is newsworthy because I never wear dressed but bought/borrowed some for this trip. The one I wore today was a borrowed one that mom just bought herself. I've decided she's never getting it back! It's so light and comfortable - and my new favorite piece of summer clothing.

We met up with most of the group in the lounge and made out way into the center of town via a bus. The bus was full - likely about 50-60 people on it and the three little girls in out group decided to do what they have been doing on every bus thus far - sing. It started of course with "The Wheels on the Bus" but they were stumped with what the daddy does on the bus. One came up with "The daddy on the bus says I love you," and that's how the ended the song. Then it was "Twinkle Twinkle" and finally "Row your boat." It was very adorable. 

(PHOTO: Mikhali in Mykonos) 

(PHOTO: Welcome to Mykonos Sign) 

(PHOTO: Mykonos, Greece) 

Brian and I planned to wander around Mykonos for a bit and then head back to the ship for dinner. It seemed silly to me to pay for what you can get for free on board. We stopped and had some drinks/appetizers with a few family members who were dining at a local restaurant. Then we continued into town. It's very beautiful, these gorgeous white buildings, which the deep blue ocean below. We had some coffee at a small cafe, and then made our way back to the ship while looking in a few of the stores. 

(PHOTO: Brian and I in Mykonos) 

(PHOTO: Me in Mykonos) 

(PHOTO: Brian) 

(PHOTO: Alex showing off his dinner)

(PHOTO: Brian and I)

(PHOTO: Mykonos) 

We went to the dining room to eat, but didn't stay. They seat you as you come in at tables of 6, so we were seated with people we didn't know and who didn't speak English. The second we sat down - before even seeing a menu - they started to try and upsell us dinner which was an extra 10euro. They put the appetizers on the table family style - so your sharing finger foods and dips with people you've never met before. We quickly left and went to the buffet which wasn't the greatest. We decided at that point we are in Greece, we are want to enjoy this trip, so we will get off ship and eat dinner for the next two nights. 

Afterward Brian went down to use his tablet and I went to the room to change. I heard the group come back and mention they were meeting in the SkyBar so I left a note for Brian and started to join them. I ran into my newphews so I talked with them for a bit. As we stated to make our way to the SkyBar, we got in an elevator and two of them pushed every floor and jumped out. Needless to say many people who came on between floors were unamused. As we stopped at each floor they ran up the stairs and were standing there waving at me.  Looking back it was kinda of funny! 

Once we got to the bar we hung out in a large group, and as the night went on people slowly trickled out. I stayed up there until around 12:15am which was likely too late as I had to be up at 5:30 the next day for our shore excursion in Turkey. 

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