Monday 6 July 2020

40 Things Before 40

When I stopped writing I had 6 months left until I turned 30 and had completed only 8 things on my 30 things by 30 list. 

1)   Visit a psychic - [DONE – 10/2014]
2)   Sing karaoke in front of people [DONE – 10/2014]
3)   Learn Archery [DONE – 11/2014]
4)   Learn to Curl - [DONE – 12/2014]
5)   Try the Hydrotherapy treatment at St. Anne’s Spa - [DONE – 12/2014]
6)   See ONCE (the Musical) on Stage  - [DONE – 02/2015]
7)   Take a bartending/cocktail making class [DONE – 03/2015]
8)   Do the H20 floating Pod spa [DONE – 04/2015]

Though I didn’t write about them I did manage to complete the following items as well.

9)   Visit the Grand Canyon [DONE – 05/2015]
10)  Get my boating license [DONE – 06/2015]
11)   Attend a renaissance festival [DONE – 08/2015]
12)   Try axe throwing [DONE – 08/2015]
13)   Finally create the photo book of our wedding [DONE – 11/2015]
14)   See the Pandas at the Toronto Zoo [DONE – 10/2017] This was after I was 30!

I was really enjoying my 30 before 30 list but between pregnancy and the timing there was a bunch of things I wasn’t able to complete. I think that the idea of the list was such an amazing opportunity to expand my horizons and get out of my comfort zone, but giving myself only a year to complete it made the list problematic in many ways. When compiling it the focus became what was realistic and manageable and that was limiting in some ways. The more I thought about this whole process the more I realized I wanted to do this, but I didn’t want to be constricted by a short timeline and the limitations of what was realistic.

In 4 months I turn 35 so by starting a 40 Things by 40 List, I am giving myself 5 years and 4 months to complete this list.

Having such a long timeline allows me to really think big and focus on what’s important to me rather then what’s reasonable. I decided to carry over the remainder of my 30 before 30 List as a way to start (those are 1-16) and then go from there. It’s not complete yet – it’s something that I am taking a lot of time and reflecting on, but undertaking this is an exciting prospect. My life tends to be so consumed with the kids and their daily wants/needs, that time for myself and my interests don’t exactly come easily. I can’t recall the last time I was able to sit down and do something I wanted to do, let alone try and learn something new. Even now as I try and make time to write, its usually occurring at the very end of the day when I only have the energy to spend 30 minutes or so on the laptop, before collapsing in an exhausted heap on the bed.

I think that’s the other reason I want to really utilize my time in compiling this list. This list is about me – it works into my hopes, dreams and what I want for my life. Life hasn’t exactly turned out the way I envisioned in some aspects – but in all honestly when does it ever? I am so lucky to have my kids, my husband, my family, and my friends. I am blessed to live in a country that offers me rights, freedoms and free healthcare. And I am grateful for all the experiences I was able to have pre-kids in regards to my education, traveling and seeing the world.

Would I have liked to have something else going for me professionally? Sure, but at the end of the day I am helping in my family’s business and the job allows me the flexibility to work from home and be with my kids. Would I change our living situation? Of course, but again at the end of the day we have a roof over our heads and our kids have this incredible relationship with my parents and my brother and his family.

So here is my 40 Things Before 40 List.   

1.     Learn to make Sushi 
2.     Get certified in CPR and First Aid 
3.     Take Level 4 in Cake Decorating and make a 3D cake  
4.     Visit the Royal Ontario Museum and/or Visit the Bata Shoe Museum 
5.     Go sea-doing
6.     Go snowmobiling 
7.     Go to an NFL Game 
8.     Play Blackjack at a Casino (On my own without coaching) 
9.     Visit the Scandinavian Spa at Blue Mountain
10. Take some sort of dance class (Ballroom, Burlesque – something new)
11. Volunteer Somewhere 
12. Get back into doing Yoga – or something else like Pilates
13. Take WW seriously and lose 75lbs 
14. Try and to do selfless acts more often  
15. Take a Class for Professional Purposes
16. Swim with Dolphins
17. Go Snow Tubing
18. See the Northern Lights
19. Visit 2 Provinces I’ve never been to. 
20.  Write some of the short stories that I have ideas for
21.  Finally get a tattoo
22. Continue to work on being the best mom I can be
23. Be in a different living situation
24. Be fulfilled professionally
25. Try Horseback riding
26. Ride an ATV
27. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
28. Explore Napa Valley (Michelle call dibs on going with me!)
29. Pick up some sort of creative/crafty new hobby (knitting, sewing, string art – just something!)
30. Visit at least one new country – in addition to Iceland
31. Get comfortable driving the 401 – even if it means taking some sort of lesson

That’s what I have so far. There is room for 9 more – I vow that before my 35th birthday I will have this list complete! So stay tuned.

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