Thursday 2 May 2013

Ireland: Day Ten - Killarney

Today was a very relaxing and enjoyable day in Killarney. I planned to wake up and have breakfast with my dad before going for a swim, but opted to bypass that in favour of sleeping in. It was wonderful! I woke up at 9:30 and made my way into town. (I am actually happy I didn't end up using the leisure centre here, as it turns out the only was to access it is to walk through the lobby, out the front doors and across the parking lot and then into and through their sister hotel. Getting there isn't bad, but coming back when wet from a swim wouldn't be ideal.)

Anyway, the walk into Killarney is about 10 minutes which was nice since it was such a great day out. Not sunny, but bright and only requiring a sweater. I had breakfast at the little cafe called Jam which made delicious scones and hot chocolate (as based on the two things I ordered!). Then I spent 5 hours wandering through the town. Visiting all the shops and speaking with some people. Killarney is beautiful, it's not just a tourist town but a real one. So while there are the usual souvenir shops, there are also regular stores and markets. I really enjoyed getting the chance to wander through. I found a store called "Shades of Erin" so I of course had to go in and buy something because it had the name Erin in it! (Hi Mom!!)

I wandered into a bookstore and happened to find the last copy of the Paperboy they had. So I bought it and re-sold it to one of the woman on the tour who was looking for it. (No I didn't make a profit!). I am still keeping my eyes out for more copies as there are 3 others wanting it. I also found out from the clerk there was a sequel called the Breadboy that came out just last week. Excellent timing, so I bought that (which dad wants me to give to the tour guide when I finish. Guess I will be reading throughout the next four days!). I also bought a Cecelia Ahern book I hadn't seen before.

I had lunch on my way back at this little pub/cafe place. They made a really nice soup and sandwich and had free wifi! I came back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit, then went for my massage which was wonderful - especially due to all the sitting on the bus.

After dinner I helped Andy with his iPad again (third session this week!) and then we hangout with some other people. Andy joined us which was great. He is the one who is 80, been to 131 countries and still traveling, and performs marriages in his spare time. Turns out he's not only fascinating, but hilarious! The best jokes of the night (and the most colourful) were his.

Turns out a few people hated the farm today, so I am definitely glad I stayed behind. We have an early morning tomorrow, so I better head to bed. Until then!

Below are some photos of Killarney and the hotel I am at. (Today was the only day I have taken less then a hundred photos! I think I did only 20... :)

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