Saturday 16 March 2013

Trying this out....

Truth be told, I have never been much of a blogger. Way back before the days of online journaling, I barely kept a diary. I remember having one and writing in it every 6 months so, but mainly because all my friends did and I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I never found writing my thoughts and experiences to be something that came naturally, it always felt forced. I tried out an online blog in high school - same thing.  In university as part of a life writing course I had to keep a blog, but quickly deleted it upon completion of the course. Which brings me to now - my final blogging attempt. 

The concept of blogging came back into my life as part of an additional qualification course I am currently taking. In it we learned how blogging is making its way into classrooms, and how it's a great writing tool that can be implemented in a variety if ways and subjects. Despite it never having been my thing, I can definitely see the benefits and opportunities with it and think it would be a great thing to try when I am a classroom teacher. (Fact about me: I am a certified teacher trying like many others to get on a supply list/into a board.) I figured since blogging was something I'd like to try with eventual students, I needed to give it one last go. I felt I owed it to myself and those eventual students to understand blogging today (while it hasn't been a large time span since my university blog, like all technology a lot has changed in the blogging world) and to give it a try and see if maybe my own feelings had changed. 

So here I am. 

Naming the blog was an interesting experience! Who would have thought how much time, effort and thought goes into such a seemingly simple process. I wanted something fun, that reflected me, that was creative but suggested seriousness mixed in with playful..... You get the picture, I wanted perfection. I created this blog a week ago, and spent that time asking those around me - family, husband, friends, coworkers for their opinions. Considering I am not even sure how long this blog will last, there was this urge to make it special. I wonder why that is. Maybe because its going online where millions of people can see it (key word being can not will)? I highly doubt my little blog is going take the Internet by storm and become an overnight sensation - yet I still put so much effort into its look and title. Regardless, I finally stopped - chose a layout and a name. The name aspect came from my iTunes library. Needing to come up with something, I went through my playlist and narrowed down some choices. 

Some of the almost titles include: 

Dancing through Life - awesome song and would be an awesome title, if my dancing abilities weren't as lacking as they are! 
Life is a Highway - another great song, and a true representation of what life is about. 
Little Moments - since life is made up of them 
Come what May - a definite contender for the title (see what I did there? ;)
Taking Chances - it's what life is all about after all 
Unwritten - seemed a little odd for a blog title 

Finally I settled on "Days like These"

Now we have the reason I started the blog and the title. Lets move on to the purpose. 

When I decided to create one, I was unsure of the purpose. I don't have on area I want to focus on - and am unsure if the ones that come to mind. So, it's a mishmash of everything for now. I will likely start off using it for some travel writing. I have a few trips planned for the coming months, so a blog seemed like a great way to share some photos and experiences. After that, I am not sure. Time will tell I suppose. 

So there is my introduction to the blog. Lets see how it goes shall we? :)

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